DiaCoach iOS App


Approximately 537 million adults around the world are living with diabetes, that’s 1 in 10 and the number never stops growing. This staggering statistic and years of watching people close to us struggle with this global killer, birthed the idea of creating an app to help them. This app was Diabetes Coach. The app was supposed to bring relief to the daily struggle of living with diabetes by making managing the disease easier, faster and more simple.

Prevent, manage, conquer diabetes

Whether the user wanted to prevent, manage, conquer diabetes or simply gain a better understanding of how food and its content (eg. amount of carbs) affect their blood glucose levels, Diabetes Coach was supposed to get them there. With this in mind, we developed the features. Beginning with a personalized dashboard of all the user’s stats (blood glucose levels, insulin, est. A1c, carbs & more) for a quick and clear daily overview. Then a color-coding system to easily see if their blood glucose levels are in range and food insights to help them make healthier food choices. Everything they track would be displayed in clear easy-to-read graphs to help them spot patterns and correlations to improve their diabetes. Another great feature was the insightful CSV files and PDF reports to make the user’s doctor visits easier. We knew we had built something exceptional, the perfect diabetes companion.

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