Quantlife iOS App


Having a crystal clear understanding of the client’s vision is one of the most if not the most important component. After that, comes the exceptional ability to elevate said vision and bring it to life. 

Quantlife was one of those projects. The vision was to create a calorie counter to help the user reach their desired weight and health goals. Whether the user wanted to lose, keep, gain weight, build muscle or simply gain a better understanding of their eating and workout patterns, Quantlife was supposed to get them there. 

Then a quote by Darren Hardy came to mind, “All winners are trackers” (The Compound Effect). Along with the core message of how small, consistent changes over a period of time lead to big and successful results. 

Track food. Track fitness. View progress. Repeat.

We found a way to turn it into a cycle by tracking core health pillars (eg. nutrition, fitness, movement), viewing the progress in a clear visual graph format, then repeating it the next day. This cycle would turn into a lifestyle. With this in mind, we developed the features to back up this elevated vision. Beginning with all the tracking features like the calorie & macronutrient counter, step counter, comprehensive databases to track meals and workouts along with syncing to fitness apps and devices. Other features like food nutrition insights, and a vivid pie chart of food energy distribution, were created for the user to understand and gain insight what the food their eating is made up of, to become more health conscious. Then came the graphs feature where the user could clearly see in a visual display all their tracked data, spot bad patterns and fix them. Along with that was the workouts ranking feature (1st place swimming, 2nd place running), and this was used as motivation. We even took into consideration bad internet connection and made the app offline. Widgets and notifications were also used to make tracking easier, staying consistent in turn creating this new healthy lifestyle. From concept, research, design, build, launch and after seeing the user’s feedback we knew we had made an impact and built an exceptional app. 

1.2 Mio