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We develop apps.|

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// What we do

We are a forward-thinking mobile app development company focused on delivering high-quality digital solutions. We combine strategy, creativity, and technology to make your product a top contender in the marketplace. Our customers vary from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, no matter their size, objective or industry we strive to give it our all and surpass expectations. The services we provide range from development to project management.

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App Development

From planning to live deployment and marketing, we take care of the entire lifecycle of your app.
We always focus on pragmatic solutions and don’t overengineer things to deliver maintainable results for a lasting cooperation.

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Project Management

You benefit from years of experience in many app development projects. Our product owners also have a high technical and functional understanding, which improves the acceptance on the development side enormously. Our team strives for the perfect balance between creativity, innovation and reliable solutions.

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UI&UX Design

We strive to push the envelope in designing inspired and innovative user interfaces for mobile apps and creating a practical and engaging user experience. By blending design, technology, strategy and a holistic approach we come up with innovative solutions and build elevated prototypes.

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// Technology & Tools


Over the years we have acquired a rich toolkit of different software and frameworks. Our vast knowledge and experience in these powerful tools has led to our expertise ability to choose the right tools as the perfect fit for each unique project. The following is a small selection of such tools. 


Modern & powerful programming language developed by Apple Inc.


Native App Development


Xcode, Android Studio & AppCode are our preferred coding editors


Apple's first programming language for developing iOS applications


A programming language unrivaled in its performance


We work with your version control system like GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket


A swift based web framework


A powerful programming language for Android app development and to share the logic of your iOS and Android apps while keeping the UX native


A high-reliability, full-featured, SQL database engine that drives most mobile apps

Google Firebase

App development platform that helps to build and grow apps


Agile Project Management with Jira & Confluence

Meta Developers

Great for advertisers or just new login methods for your mobile app


Prototype & Design

Sketch App

Wireframe, Prototype & Design

// Join our Team!

Our team of critical thinkers, exceptional doers and multifaceted creators have a shared passion and drive to be the best and to create the best digital solutions for our clients. Become a part of the team so we can create something awe-inspiring together.

More than just a work place. A place to realize your full potential, reimagine possibilities and elevate your skills!

We encourage continuous learning, and we help each other realize our ambitions, accelerate growth and significantly boost our skills.

The perfect environment for stimulating creativity, sparking curiosity, bonding with others, and challenging yourself.

Get the opportunity to work with customers from all over the globe and on projects from revolutionary technology to changing the healthcare management system and gain new perspectives.

Fun and educational events that tie into our philosophy. We’re not just colleagues, we’re a close knit group of friends that share ideas, experiences, knowledge, who bond and have fun together!

You’ll have the flexibility of working remotely.

Keeping you healthy is of vital importance to us. Staying healthy is one of our personal core values and why we work on projects to improve the healthcare field.

Level up your technical skills and get strength-based feedback to accelerate your growth and exceed all expectations. 

We value each of our members both as a team player and as a person. We empower and encourage your individual perspective, ideas, working style, as well as your collaboration in taking the team to the next level.

We understand that our brains need time to recharge and replenish, so we’ll provide the time for you to rejuvenate.

// Career

Software Engineer for Android Apps

At btaq, we are always on the lookout for new talent. Bring passion, ambition, hard work and dedication to the job and surprise yourself and

Software Engineer for iOS Apps

At btaq, we are always on the lookout for new talent. Bring passion, ambition, hard work and dedication to the job and surprise yourself and

// About us

Software Engineer & Founder


Since the beginnings of iOS applications back in 2007 and the first iPhone, the passion for app development has manifested itself.

Graphic Designer & Content Creator


With a spectrum of UX,UI, and graphic design projects under her belt she uses her experience, insight and creativity to turn complex problems into simple, clear and innovative designs and digital solutions.

Product Owner & Concept


Martin has been planning & managing digital projects since the release of the iPhone 3GS. With technical, conceptual & marketing experience Martin is the perfect middleman between development and stakeholders.